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Welcome Video from David Blei, General Chair


ICML 2020 Closing remarks

Thank you for being a part of the thirty-seventh International Conference on Machine Learning, ICML 2020! We are pleased to have hosted a gathering of 10,800+ attendees from 75 countries. 

We appreciate the contributions, engagement and patience of each and every participant as we transitioned to our first ever virtual format this year. A big thank you to all attendees, authors, reviewers, expert reviewers, meta-reviewers, sponsors, tutorial presenters, workshop organizers, invited speakers, panelists, mentors, our affinity groups, social organizers, paper award committees, staff, web development team, ICLR organizing committee, and our own amazing ICML 2020 organizing committee for making this a success. And a special shout out to our volunteers who helped run the conference smoothly!

Content availability: All programming (tutorials along with Zoom Q/A, test of time award talk along with Zoom Q/A, invited talks + panel discussion along with Zoom Q/A , main conference paper talks, EXPO videos with Zoom Q/A, workshop videos with Zoom Q/A) will continue to be available at this virtual conference webpage The content will be cleaned up and posted on demand within 4-6 weeks. For the tutorial and awards streams, this implies making the individual videos available, for now the entire tutorial track stream is available. Zoom Q/A for posters is not recorded and RocketChat for all events will not be saved, but there will be a two week period after the conference is over before RocketChat is taken down. Now is a good time to note down any pointers to papers, slides, or other discussion items that may only have been shared via RocketChat. 

Feedback & survey: Since RocketChat is available for two weeks after the conference, please continue to provide us feedback via RocketChat #feedback channel or via We will also be sending out a survey very soon to learn more about your experience with the virtual format of the conference and suggestions for improvement in future versions. Please watch your email.

Aarti Singh, Hal Daume III, and David Blei

ICML 2020 Program Co-chairs and General Chair