Our parking garage has 690 parking stalls and is located on Level 2 of our facility. The entrance to the parking garage is located on Kalakaua Avenue. Contact your Event Manager for current parking rates. The parking garage accommodates vehicles up to 8’11” in height and up to 140” wheelbase. (NOTE: Our exit ramp/helix is not wide enough to accommodate limousines. Contact your Event Manager for limousine coordination.

We have accessible parking available in Row “A” of our parking garage and two accessible unloading and loading zones in the Porte Cochère. Material handling equipment is not permitted in the Porte Cochere. All booth materials requiring material handling equipment, ei., push carts, pallet jacks, dollies are to be unloaded by the service contractor at the docks.

Parking is allowed during business/event hours only. Our parking lot opens one hour before and closes one hour after an event. Overnight parking is not allowed. Vehicles parked overnight are subject to removal. Parking is restricted to marked parking stalls. Vehicles parked in designated fire lanes, service streets, vacant Exhibit Halls, loading dock areas or locations posted “No Parking” may be cited and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

Commercial vehicles, high cubes, container trucks, etc., are permitted to load and unload in the Loading Docks located on the ground level.