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ICML 2023 Child Care

ICML 2023 is proud to provide free onsite child care from Sunday, July 23rd through Saturday, July 29th to our attendees at The Hawai‘i Convention Center.  However, due to high demand, we have reached maximum capacity and child care registration is CLOSED. There will be NO onsite registration. You will be turned away if your child does not have a reservation. 

There is no waitlist to sign up for and you will be responsible for finding child care services for your child if you choose to still bring them.

We highly recommend for our future conferences that you register your child early due to capacity limits and ratios of sitters available per child. Child care is on a first come/first serve basis and at some conference locations we may not have enough room for every attendees child. 


This year, we have partnered with Aloha Sitters, a local, fully licensed small business that is owned and operated by economically disadvantaged women. Visit Aloha Sitters’ website for a quick glance of this organization. Aloha Sitters will have custom themed activities with an overflow of fun crafts and games to keep your child(ren) occupied.


  • A parent/guardian MUST remain at the venue (Hawaii Convention Center) at all times while their child(ren) are in the child care center and you will be required to sign a liability waiver.
  • ICML only provides snacks. You will be responislbe for making sure you child(ren) get their meals. 
  • Parents/guardians must have a conference registration for the same dates that they've registred their child for child care services. For example, if you've only purchased a "workshop" registration, then your child is only eligible for child care services on Friday and Saturday. If you'd like your child to have child care services from Sunday, July 23rd - Saturday, July 29th then you must purchase all three registrations (Tutorials, Conference Sessions, & Workshops). 
  • The conference provides child care in order to facilitate traveling and attendance of participants with children. This child care is for parents and not for children to attend the conference. If any child of a participant attends the conference, we consider them as a usual participant and requires them to be registered and pay the registration fee.

Please contact Stephanie Willes if you have any questions.