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Fri Jun 14 08:30 AM -- 06:00 PM (PDT) @ 104 A
Climate Change: How Can AI Help?
David Rolnick · Alexandre Lacoste · Tegan Maharaj · Jennifer Chayes · Yoshua Bengio

Many in the machine learning community wish to take action on climate change, yet feel their skills are inapplicable. This workshop aims to show that in fact the opposite is true: while no silver bullet, ML can be an invaluable tool both in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and in helping society adapt to the effects of climate change. Climate change is a complex problem, for which action takes many forms - from designing smart electrical grids to tracking deforestation in satellite imagery. Many of these actions represent high-impact opportunities for real-world change, as well as being interesting problems for ML research.

Opening Remarks (Organizer's introduction)
AI for Climate Change: the context (Keynote talk)
Why it's hard to mitigate climate change, and how to do better (Invited talk)
Tackling climate change challenges with AI through collaboration (Invited talk)
Towards a Sustainable Food Supply Chain Powered by Artificial Intelligence (Spotlight talk)
Deep Learning for Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Efforts (Spotlight talk)
Morning Coffee Break + Poster Session (Coffee Break + Poster Session)
Achieving Drawdown - Chad Frischmann (Keynote talk)
Networking Lunch (provided) + Poster Session (Lunch + Poster Session)
Personalized Visualization of the Impact of Climate Change (Invited talk)
Advances in Climate Informatics: Machine Learning for the Study of Climate Change (Invited talk)
Detecting anthropogenic cloud perturbations with deep learning (Spotlight talk)
Evaluating aleatoric and epistemic uncertainties of time series deep learning models for soil moisture predictions (Spotlight talk)
Targeted Meta-Learning for Critical Incident Detection in Weather Data (Spotlight talk)
Afternoon Coffee Break + Poster Session (Coffee Break + Poster Session)
Geoscience data and models for the Climate Change AI community (Invited talk)
ML vs. Climate Change, Applications in Energy at DeepMind (Invited talk)
Truck Traffic Monitoring with Satellite Images (Spotlight talk)
Machine Learning for AC Optimal Power Flow (Spotlight talk)
Planetary Scale Monitoring of Urban Growth in High Flood Risk Areas (Spotlight talk)
"Ideas" mini-spotlights (Spotlight talk)
Panel Discussion