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Fri Jun 14 08:30 AM -- 06:00 PM (PDT) @ 104 A
Climate Change: How Can AI Help?
David Rolnick · Alexandre Lacoste · Tegan Maharaj · Jennifer Chayes · Yoshua Bengio

Many in the machine learning community wish to take action on climate change, yet feel their skills are inapplicable. This workshop aims to show that in fact the opposite is true: while no silver bullet, ML can be an invaluable tool both in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and in helping society adapt to the effects of climate change. Climate change is a complex problem, for which action takes many forms - from designing smart electrical grids to tracking deforestation in satellite imagery. Many of these actions represent high-impact opportunities for real-world change, as well as being interesting problems for ML research.

Opening Remarks (Organizer's introduction)
AI for Climate Change: the context (Keynote talk)
John Platt
Why it's hard to mitigate climate change, and how to do better (Invited talk)
Jack Kelly
Tackling climate change challenges with AI through collaboration (Invited talk)
Andrew Ng
Towards a Sustainable Food Supply Chain Powered by Artificial Intelligence (Spotlight talk)
Volodymyr Kuleshov
Deep Learning for Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Efforts (Spotlight talk)
Clement DUHART
Morning Coffee Break + Poster Session (Coffee Break + Poster Session)
Achieving Drawdown - Chad Frischmann (Keynote talk)
Networking Lunch (provided) + Poster Session (Lunch + Poster Session)
Abraham Stanway, Alex Robson, Aneesh Rangnekar, Ashesh Chattopadhyay, Ashley Pilipiszyn, Benjamin LeRoy, Harvey Cheng, Ce Zhang, Chaopeng Shen, Christian Schroeder, Christian Clough, Clement DUHART, Clement Fung, Cozmin Ududec, Dali Wang, David Dao, di wu, Dimitrios Giannakis, Dino Sejdinovic, Doina Precup, Duncan Watson-Parris, Gege Wen, George Chen, Gopal Erinjippurath, Haifeng Li, Han Zou, Herke van Hoof, Hillary A Scannell, Hiroshi Mamitsuka, Hongbao Zhang, Jaegul Choo, James Wang, James Requeima, Jessica Hwang, Jinfan Xu, Johan Mathe, Jonathan Binas, Joonseok Lee, Kalai Ramea, Kate Duffy, Kevin McCloskey, Kris Sankaran, Lester Mackey, Letif Mones, Loubna Benabbou, Lynn Kaack, Matt Hoffman, Mayur Mudigonda, Mehrdad Mahdavi, Michael McCourt, Charles (Mingchao) Jiang, Mohammad Mahdi Kamani, Neel Guha, Nic Dalmasso, Nick Pawlowski, Nikola Milojevic-Dupont, Paulo Orenstein, Pedram Hassanzadeh, Pekka Marttinen, Ramesh Nair, Sadegh Farhang, Samuel Kaski, Sandeep Manjanna, Sasha Luccioni, Shuby Deshpande, Soo Kim, Soukayna Mouatadid, Sunghyun Park, Tao Lin, Telmo Felgueira, Thomas Hornigold, Tianle Yuan, Tom Beucler, Tracy Cui, Volodymyr Kuleshov, Wei Yu, yang song, Ydo Wexler, Yoshua Bengio, Zhecheng Wang, Zhuangfang Yi, Zouheir Malki
Personalized Visualization of the Impact of Climate Change (Invited talk)
Yoshua Bengio
Advances in Climate Informatics: Machine Learning for the Study of Climate Change (Invited talk)
Claire Monteleoni
Detecting anthropogenic cloud perturbations with deep learning (Spotlight talk)
Duncan Watson-Parris
Evaluating aleatoric and epistemic uncertainties of time series deep learning models for soil moisture predictions (Spotlight talk)
Chaopeng Shen
Targeted Meta-Learning for Critical Incident Detection in Weather Data (Spotlight talk)
Mohammad Mahdi Kamani, Sadegh Farhang, Mehrdad Mahdavi, James Wang
Afternoon Coffee Break + Poster Session (Coffee Break + Poster Session)
Geoscience data and models for the Climate Change AI community (Invited talk)
Karthik Mukkavilli
ML vs. Climate Change, Applications in Energy at DeepMind (Invited talk)
Sims Witherspoon
Truck Traffic Monitoring with Satellite Images (Spotlight talk)
Lynn Kaack, George Chen
Machine Learning for AC Optimal Power Flow (Spotlight talk)
Neel Guha, Zhecheng Wang
Planetary Scale Monitoring of Urban Growth in High Flood Risk Areas (Spotlight talk)
Christian Clough, Ramesh Nair, Gopal Erinjippurath
"Ideas" mini-spotlights (Spotlight talk)
Kevin McCloskey, Nikola Milojevic-Dupont, Jonathan Binas, Christian Schroeder, Sasha Luccioni
Panel Discussion
Yoshua Bengio, Andrew Ng, Raia Hadsell, John Platt, Claire Monteleoni, Jennifer Chayes