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The ICML Debate: Should AI Research and Development Be Controlled by a Regulatory Body or Government Oversight?

Yunpeng Li · Olga Isupova · Nika Haghtalab · Adam White · Diego Granziol


Come and watch experts debate whether AI research and development should be controlled by a regulatory body or government oversight, with Charles Isbell (Georgia Tech), Michael Kearns (UPenn), Rich Sutton (Alberta), Steve Roberts (Oxford), Ti John (Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence / Aalto), Suchi Saria (John Hopkins), Shakir Mohamed (DeepMind), Martha White (Alberta).

AI has found its way into our everyday life, from healthcare to custom control, creditability check to autonomous driving. Its power is continuously growing, and gradually becomes easier to access for organisations and individuals. This leads to a natural question of the debate.

Enjoy an entertaining social event with 8 leading AI/ML academics and researchers debating the topic following the British Parliament Style. You are welcome to tell us your opinion of the topic before the debate poll. We will also host live votes right before and after the debate to see whether you are convinced by our debaters. Do join us for an unmatched fun and thought-provoking Social.

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