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Model Fusion for Personalized Learning

Thanh Lam · Nghia Hoang · Bryan Kian Hsiang Low · Patrick Jaillet

Keywords: [ Others ] [ Plasticity and Adaptation ] [ Memory ] [ Neuroscience and Cognitive Science ]


Production systems operating on a growing domain of analytic services often require generating warm-start solution models for emerging tasks with limited data. One potential approach to address this warm-start challenge is to adopt meta learning to generate a base model that can be adapted to solve unseen tasks with minimal fine-tuning. This however requires the training processes of previous solution models of existing tasks to be synchronized. This is not possible if these models were pre-trained separately on private data owned by different entities and cannot be synchronously re-trained. To accommodate for such scenarios, we develop a new personalized learning framework that synthesizes customized models for unseen tasks via fusion of independently pre-trained models of related tasks. We establish performance guarantee for the proposed framework and demonstrate its effectiveness on both synthetic and real datasets.

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