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SAINT-ACC: Safety-Aware Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control for Autonomous Vehicles Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Lokesh Chandra Das · Myounggyu Won

Keywords: [ Applications ]


We present a novel adaptive cruise control (ACC) system namely SAINT-ACC: {S}afety-{A}ware {Int}elligent {ACC} system (SAINT-ACC) that is designed to achieve simultaneous optimization of traffic efficiency, driving safety, and driving comfort through dynamic adaptation of the inter-vehicle gap based on deep reinforcement learning (RL). A novel dual RL agent-based approach is developed to seek and adapt the optimal balance between traffic efficiency and driving safety/comfort by effectively controlling the driving safety model parameters and inter-vehicle gap based on macroscopic and microscopic traffic information collected from dynamically changing and complex traffic environments. Results obtained through over 12,000 simulation runs with varying traffic scenarios and penetration rates demonstrate that SAINT-ACC significantly enhances traffic flow, driving safety and comfort compared with a state-of-the-art approach.

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