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Object Segmentation Without Labels with Large-Scale Generative Models

Andrey Voynov · Stanislav Morozov · Artem Babenko

Keywords: [ Computer Vision ]


The recent rise of unsupervised and self-supervised learning has dramatically reduced the dependency on labeled data, providing high-quality representations for transfer on downstream tasks. Furthermore, recent works also employed these representations in a fully unsupervised setup for image classification, reducing the need for human labels on the fine-tuning stage as well. This work demonstrates that large-scale unsupervised models can also perform a more challenging object segmentation task, requiring neither pixel-level nor image-level labeling. Namely, we show that recent unsupervised GANs allow to differentiate between foreground/background pixels, providing high-quality saliency masks. By extensive comparison on common benchmarks, we outperform existing unsupervised alternatives for object segmentation, achieving new state-of-the-art.

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