Affinity Workshop

Queer in AI Workshop

Arjun Subramonian · Sharvani Jha · Vishakha Agrawal · Juan Pajaro Velasquez · MaryLena Bleile · Michelle Julia Ng

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Tue 20 Jul 8 a.m. PDT — 5 p.m. PDT


Queer in AI’s demographic survey reveals that most queer scientists in our community do not feel completely welcome in conferences and their work environments, with the main reasons being a lack of queer community and role models. Over the past years, Queer in AI has worked towards these goals, yet we have observed that the voices of marginalized queer communities - especially transgender, non-binary folks and queer BIPOC folks - have been neglected. The purpose of this workshop is to highlight issues that these communities face by featuring talks and panel discussions on the inclusion of non-Western non-binary identities; and Black, Indigenous, and Pacific Islander non-cis folks.

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