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Workshop: Time Series Workshop

Morning Poster Session: Inferring the Structure of Ordinary Differential Equations

Juliane Weilbach


Understanding physical phenomena oftentimes means understanding the underlying dynamical system that governs observational measurements. While accurate prediction can be achieved with black box systems, they often lack interpretability and are less amenable for further expert investigation. Alternatively, the dynamics can be analysed via symbolic regression. In this paper, we extend the approach by (Udrescu et al., 2020) called AI Feynman to the dynamic setting to perform symbolic regression on ODE systems based on observations from the resulting trajectories. We compare this extension to state-of-the-art approaches for symbolic regression empirically on several dynamical systems for which the ground truth equations of increasing complexity are available. Although the proposed approach performs best on this benchmark, we observed difficulties of all the compared symbolic regression approaches on more complex systems, such as Cart-Pole.