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Workshop: 8th ICML Workshop on Automated Machine Learning (AutoML 2021)

Adaptation-Agnostic Meta-Training

Jiaxin Chen


Many meta-learning algorithms can be formulated into an interleaved process, in the sense that task-specific predictors are learned during inner-task adaptation and meta-parameters are updated during meta-update. The normal meta-training strategy needs to differentiate through the inner-task adaptation procedure to optimize the meta-parameters. This leads to a constraint that the inner-task algorithms should be solved analytically. Under this constraint, only simple algorithms with analytical solutions can be applied as the inner-task algorithms, limiting the model expressiveness. To lift the limitation, we propose an adaptation-agnostic meta-training strategy. Following our proposed strategy, we are capable to apply stronger algorithms (e.g., an ensemble of different types of algorithms) as the inner-task algorithm to achieve superior performance comparing with popular baselines.