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Wed 11:00 Proving the Lottery Ticket Hypothesis: Pruning is All You Need
Eran Malach · Gilad Yehudai · Shai Shalev-Schwartz · Ohad Shamir
Thu 6:00 Refined bounds for algorithm configuration: The knife-edge of dual class approximability
Nina Balcan · Tuomas Sandholm · Ellen Vitercik
Wed 5:00 Complexity of Finding Stationary Points of Nonconvex Nonsmooth Functions
Jingzhao Zhang · Hongzhou Lin · Stefanie Jegelka · Suvrit Sra · Ali Jadbabaie
Tue 8:00 Is Local SGD Better than Minibatch SGD?
Blake Woodworth · Kumar Kshitij Patel · Sebastian Stich · Zhen Dai · Brian Bullins · Brendan McMahan · Ohad Shamir · Nati Srebro
Tue 7:00 Towards Understanding the Dynamics of the First-Order Adversaries
Zhun Deng · Hangfeng He · Jiaoyang Huang · Weijie Su
Thu 13:00 On Efficient Low Distortion Ultrametric Embedding
Vincent Cohen-Addad · Karthik C. S. · Guillaume Lagarde
Wed 15:00 LP-SparseMAP: Differentiable Relaxed Optimization for Sparse Structured Prediction
Vlad Niculae · Andre Filipe Torres Martins
Wed 10:00 Quantized Decentralized Stochastic Learning over Directed Graphs
Hossein Taheri · Aryan Mokhtari · Hamed Hassani · Ramtin Pedarsani
Tue 10:00 Deep Isometric Learning for Visual Recognition
Haozhi Qi · Chong You · Xiaolong Wang · Yi Ma · Jitendra Malik
Tue 7:00 Random Hypervolume Scalarizations for Provable Multi-Objective Black Box Optimization
Richard Zhang · Daniel Golovin
Wed 5:00 Optimal approximation for unconstrained non-submodular minimization
Marwa El Halabi · Stefanie Jegelka
Wed 9:00 A Mean Field Analysis Of Deep ResNet And Beyond: Towards Provably Optimization Via Overparameterization From Depth
Yiping Lu · Chao Ma · Yulong Lu · Jianfeng Lu · Lexing Ying