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Minimally distorted Adversarial Examples with a Fast Adaptive Boundary Attack

Francesco Croce · Matthias Hein

Keywords: [ Adversarial Examples ]

Abstract: The evaluation of robustness against adversarial manipulation of neural networks-based classifiers is mainly tested with empirical attacks as methods for the exact computation, even when available, do not scale to large networks. We propose in this paper a new white-box adversarial attack wrt the $l_p$-norms for $p \in \{1,2,\infty\}$ aiming at finding the minimal perturbation necessary to change the class of a given input. It has an intuitive geometric meaning, yields quickly high quality results, minimizes the size of the perturbation (so that it returns the robust accuracy at every threshold with a single run). It performs better or similar to state-of-the-art attacks which are partially specialized to one $l_p$-norm, and is robust to the phenomenon of gradient obfuscation.

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