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Black-box Certification and Learning under Adversarial Perturbations

Hassan Ashtiani · Vinayak Pathak · Ruth Urner

Keywords: [ Adversarial Examples ] [ Learning Theory ] [ Statistical Learning Theory ]


We formally study the problem of classification under adversarial perturbations, both from the learner's perspective, and from the viewpoint of a third-party who aims at certifying the robustness of a given black-box classifier. We analyze a PAC-type framework of semi-supervised learning and identify possibility and impossibility results for proper learning of VC-classes in this setting. We further introduce and study a new setting of black-box certification under limited query budget. We analyze this for various classes of predictors and types of perturbation. We also consider the viewpoint of a black-box adversary that aims at finding adversarial examples, showing that the existence of an adversary with polynomial query complexity implies the existence of a robust learner with small sample complexity.

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