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InfoGAN-CR and ModelCentrality: Self-supervised Model Training and Selection for Disentangling GANs

Zinan Lin · Kiran Thekumparampil · Giulia Fanti · Sewoong Oh


Keywords: [ Deep Generative Models ] [ Representation Learning ]


Disentangled generative models map a latent code vector to a target space, while enforcing that a subset of the learned latent codes are interpretable and associated with distinct properties of the target distribution. Recent advances have been dominated by Variational AutoEncoder (VAE)-based methods, while training disentangled generative adversarial networks (GANs) remains challenging. In this work, we show that the dominant challenges facing disentangled GANs can be mitigated through the use of self-supervision. We make two main contributions: first, we design a novel approach for training disentangled GANs with self-supervision. We propose contrastive regularizer, which is inspired by a natural notion of disentanglement: latent traversal. This achieves higher disentanglement scores than state-of-the-art VAE- and GAN-based approaches. Second, we propose an unsupervised model selection scheme called ModelCentrality, which uses generated synthetic samples to compute the medoid (multi-dimensional generalization of median) of a collection of models. Perhaps surprisingly, this unsupervised ModelCentrality is able to select a model that outperforms those trained with existing supervised hyper-parameter selection techniques. Combining contrastive regularization with ModelCentrality, we obtain state-of-the-art disentanglement scores by a substantial margin, without requiring supervised hyper-parameter selection.

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