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Semi-Supervised Learning with Normalizing Flows

Pavel Izmailov · Polina Kirichenko · Marc Finzi · Andrew Wilson

Keywords: [ Deep Learning - Generative Models and Autoencoders ] [ Semi-supervised learning ] [ Generative Models ] [ Deep Generative Models ]


Normalizing flows transform a latent distribution through an invertible neural network for a flexible and pleasingly simple approach to generative modelling, while preserving an exact likelihood. We propose FlowGMM, an end-to-end approach to generative semi supervised learning with normalizing flows, using a latent Gaussian mixture model. FlowGMM is distinct in its simplicity, unified treatment of labelled and unlabelled data with an exact likelihood, interpretability, and broad applicability beyond image data. We show promising results on a wide range of applications, including AG-News and Yahoo Answers text data, tabular data, and semi-supervised image classification. We also show that FlowGMM can discover interpretable structure, provide real-time optimization-free feature visualizations, and specify well calibrated predictive distributions.

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