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Nearly Linear Row Sampling Algorithm for Quantile Regression

Yi Li · Ruosong Wang · Lin Yang · Hanrui Zhang

Keywords: [ Convex Optimization ] [ Large Scale Learning and Big Data ] [ Matrix/Tensor Methods ] [ Optimization - Large Scale, Parallel and Distributed ]

Abstract: We give a row sampling algorithm for the quantile loss function with sample complexity nearly linear in the dimensionality of the data, improving upon the previous best algorithm whose sampling complexity has at least cubic dependence on the dimensionality. Based upon our row sampling algorithm, we give the fastest known algorithm for quantile regression and a graph sparsification algorithm for balanced directed graphs. Our main technical contribution is to show that Lewis weights sampling, which has been used in row sampling algorithms for $\ell_p$ norms, can also be applied in row sampling algorithms for a variety of loss functions. We complement our theoretical results by experiments to demonstrate the practicality of our approach.

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