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Submodular maximization

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  • Online Algorithms for Budget-Constrained DR-Submodular Maximization, Omid Sadeghi, Reza Eghbali, Maryam Fazel
  • Constrained Maximization of Lattice Submodular Functions, Aytunc Sahin, Joachim Buhmann, Andreas Krause
  • Mode Finding for SLC Distributions via Regularized Submodular Maximization, Ehsan Kazemi, Shervin Minaee, Moran Feldman, Amin Karbasi

Determinantal point processes

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  • MO-PaDGAN: Generating Diverse Designs with Multivariate Performance Enhancement, Wei Chen, Faez Ahmed
  • On the Relationship Between Probabilistic Circuits and Determinantal Point Processes, Honghua Zhang, Steven J Holtzen, Guy Van den Broeck
  • Ensemble Kernel Methods, Implicit Regularization and Determinantal Point Processes, Joachim Schreurs, MichaĆ«l Fanuel, Johan Suykens

Negative dependence for inference and bipartite matching

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  • DisARM: An Antithetic Gradient Estimator for Binary Latent Variables, Zhe Dong, Andriy Mnih, George Tucker
  • On Diverse Bipartite b-Matching, Saba Ahmadi, Faez Ahmed, John P Dickerson, Mark Fuge, Samir Khuller
  • Negative Dependence Tightens Variational Bounds, Pierre-Alexandre Mattei, Jes Frellsen

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