ICML 2022 Participation Grants

Application deadline: May 29, 2022 (anywhere on Earth)
Notification of acceptance:
June 7, 2022 (two days before the early registration deadline)

Scope of Grants

As part of diversity and inclusion efforts, ICML 2022 is happy to provide grants to lower barriers of access to the conference. The grants are intended for individuals for whom attending the conference would cause a financial burden or create risks to their safety or privacy.

Grants available this year for in-person participation:

  • Conference registration. If you are applying for a free conference registration, please do not register for the conference until you hear from us about the decision on your application.
  • Free conference hotel. If you are applying for free conference hotel, please do not pay for your own hotel until you hear from us about the decision on your application (we won’t be able to reimburse already incurred hotel costs).

Grants available this year for virtual participation:

  • Virtual conference pass: If you are applying for a virtual conference pass, please do not register for the conference until you hear from us about the decision on your application.
  • Internet bandwidth and VPN grants: Intended to cover extra costs of internet access if your current internet bandwidth or lack of privacy are a barrier to your participation in the conference. Bandwidth subsidies would be for high-speed internet access (at 100Mbps) for the duration of the conference only. VPN grants could be used towards ensuring private internet connection (for example, for queer people concerned about their safety and privacy when attending Queer in AI events). Grantees will be reimbursed after the conference based on the receipts provided.

We anticipate a high demand for participation grants, and our priority is to ensure that financial need does not prevent people from attending and participating in the conference. Please apply for funding only if you do not have other resources that you can use to support your participation, and please try to source funding from within your own institution if possible. 

Application Process and Selection Criteria

To apply for any of these grants, please use the link provided at the top of this webpage. The application deadline is May 29, 2022 (anywhere on Earth). We will provide decision notifications by June 7, 2022, which is two days before the early registration deadline.

Privacy: The information provided in the grant application form will be shared internally among D&I chairs and ICML 2022 staff. Some aggregate statistics will be retained to help plan future initiatives, but we will ensure that no individual identities can be traced, and all the individual responses will be deleted after the conference. Of course, please only provide information you would entrust to D&I chairs and ICML staff. In addition, never entrust potentially vulnerable computer systems with information that could endanger you.

Selection criteria: Applicants for financial support must justify their need in their application. Grants will be allocated based on consideration of the applicant's contribution to the conference (e.g., a volunteer, presenter or organizer at the main conference, workshop, or an affinity event), as well as on the importance of growing the ICML community, by supporting first-time attendees and increasing access for populations historically underrepresented in the conference.


If you apply for the internet bandwidth/VPN grant, you will need to provide receipts for your purchases, and will be reimbursed after the conference. Please apply for the minimum amount needed to attend the conference. If the requested funds exceed our budget, we may only approve expenses up to a certain amount. You will be informed about any such limits when you receive your grant decision.

We strongly prefer to reimburse the expenses via PayPal. When applying for the interent bandwidth/VPN grant, please ensure that you (or somebody on your behalf) can receive funds through PayPal:

If you have any questions or concerns about the application process, please reach out to diversity-chairs@icml.cc.