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Call for Virtual Socials and Mentoring sessions

ICML 2021
18 July to 24 July, 2021, online

A strong community is central to the success of ICML. Our mission is to create an opportunity for all participants to meet new people and to share knowledge, best practices, career options, and interests. To enable this, we will support many virtual social and mentoring sessions.

Virtual socials

A virtual social is a participant-led video-driven meeting centred around different themes. These themes can be anything ranging from:
  • research topics and interests (e.g., generative models, reinforcement learning, covid-19, social impact ML)
  • skills exchange and training (e.g., giving better presentations, guidance on academic job applications)
  • supporting affinity group meetings (e.g., QueerInAI, Women in Machine Learning)
  • other social and intellectual gatherings (e.g., ICML book club, wine and cheese, quiz night)
Virtual socials are typically 2-hour long, must have two leads (who will organise the session, moderate the session, and ensure respectful communication). We encourage the socials to have double sessions to be inclusive in terms of the time zones of the participants around the world (but this is *not* a requirement).

Mentoring sessions

A mentoring session is a video meeting where a senior member of the community (academic or industry) offers their time to give scientific and career advice, and answer questions from more junior members and newcomers. These mentoring sessions will help the ICML community in its goal of increasing inclusivity.
We will also support ad-hoc, last-minute mentoring sessions during the conference.


If you are interested in
  • hosting a virtual social, please complete this form for socials
  • volunteering your time for a mentoring session, please register here and schedule a mentoring session there during ICML 2021 - 18 July to 24 July, 2021 (in the form there please choose "ICML2021" in "associated with which event?")
Organisers and guests should be registered participants of ICML.
Submit forms for socials before June 21, 2021 (anywhere on Earth). Mentoring sessions can be scheduled at any time.
We will review these as quickly as we can after the deadline. We may combine activities, or suggest other modifications (such as suggesting alternative dates/times) in order to balance the programme of activities.
Code of conduct: Being part of ICML 2021, social events and mentoring sessions are subject to the general code of conduct of the conference.

Important Dates

  • Deadline: 21 June 2021
  • Notification: 30 June 2021

                        Thank you,
                        Social Chairs, ICML 2021
                        Adam White, Nika Haghtalab, Olga Isupova