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Band-limited Training and Inference for Convolutional Neural Networks

Adam Dziedzic · John Paparrizos · Sanjay Krishnan · Aaron Elmore · Michael Franklin

Pacific Ballroom #132

Keywords: [ Time Series and Sequence Models ] [ Systems and Software ] [ Others ] [ Computer Vision ] [ Approximate Inference ]


The convolutional layers are core building blocks of neural network architectures. In general, a convolutional filter applies to the entire frequency spectrum of the input data. We explore artificially constraining the frequency spectra of these filters and data, called band-limiting, during training. The frequency domain constraints apply to both the feed-forward and back-propagation steps. Experimentally, we observe that Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) are resilient to this compression scheme and results suggest that CNNs learn to leverage lower-frequency components. In particular, we found: (1) band-limited training can effectively control the resource usage (GPU and memory); (2) models trained with band-limited layers retain high prediction accuracy; and (3) requires no modification to existing training algorithms or neural network architectures to use unlike other compression schemes.

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