Expo Talk Panel

We here introduce unique opportunities for research and collaboration in AI Algorithms, Health, Traffic, and Weather at the Institute of Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence (IARAI), followed by an Open Panel for discussion. At IARAI, we are building a unique environment of world class researchers and industrial-scale real-world data openly shared with the scientific community. In this session, we showcase (1) unique data sets from urban traffic which have featured in the NeurIPS competition track since 2019, (2) high-resolution multi-channel movies from weather satellites newly available now, and (3) plans for freely sharing data from over 10 million electronic health records with the academic community in a secure way. This is complemented by an outline of recent highlights in algorithm development, linking attention in Transformers with associative memory, achieving world-class cross-domain few-shot learning performance with a novel light-weight approach, and discussing new insights on mixing layers. We close by outlining future opportunities of engaging at the institute and introduce the latest Scientific Programmes, followed by a short panel discussion on the hottest open topics in the field.

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