Expo Talk Panel

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This year has been an extraordinary year that has both emphasized the vulnerability of the world to health risks and the rapid generation and availability of data . Within weeks of the outbreak of COVID-19, the genome sequence of the virus was available, full-document datasets covering the disease were released, and online citizen science communities sprung up to help identify possible new approaches to treat the disease. What questions should machine learning researchers, new to the field, pursue to best further the identification of new therapies? What are some of the hard, unsolved problems in discovering new treatments? How has the rapid development of new data modalities affected the kinds of research needed?

This panel will explore these themes.

Presenters: Daniel Neil, VP Artificial Intelligence, Alix Lacoste, VP Data Science, JB Michel, Scientific Advisor and Founder at Patch Biosciences https://www.patch.bio, Páidí Creed, Director AI Science and Ana Leite, Lead Bioinformatics Data Scientist at BenevolentAI

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