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Active Learning for Probabilistic Structured Prediction of Cuts and Matchings

Sima Behpour · Anqi Liu · Brian Ziebart

Pacific Ballroom #264

Keywords: [ Structured Prediction ] [ Active Learning ]


Active learning methods, like uncertainty sampling, combined with probabilistic prediction techniques have achieved success in various problems like image classification and text classification. For more complex multivariate prediction tasks, the relationships between labels play an important role in designing structured classifiers with better performance. However, computational time complexity limits prevalent probabilistic methods from effectively supporting active learning. Specifically, while non-probabilistic methods based on structured support vector ma-chines can be tractably applied to predicting cuts and bipartite matchings, conditional random fields are intractable for these structures. We propose an adversarial approach for active learning with structured prediction domains that is tractable for cuts and matching. We evaluate this approach algorithmically in two important structured prediction problems: multi-label classification and object tracking in videos. We demonstrate better accuracy and computational efficiency for our proposed method.

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