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COMIC: Multi-view Clustering Without Parameter Selection

Xi Peng · Zhenyu Huang · Jiancheng Lv · Hongyuan Zhu · Joey Tianyi Zhou

Pacific Ballroom #111

Keywords: [ Unsupervised Learning ] [ Convex Optimization ] [ Clustering ]


In this paper, we study two challenges in clustering analysis, namely, how to cluster multi-view data and how to perform clustering without parameter selection on cluster size. To this end, we propose a novel objective function to project raw data into one space in which the projection embraces the geometric consistency (GC) and the cluster assignment consistency (CAC). To be specific, the GC aims to learn a connection graph from a projection space wherein the data points are connected if and only if they belong to the same cluster. The CAC aims to minimize the discrepancy of pairwise connection graphs induced from different views based on the view-consensus assumption, \textit{i.e.}, different views could produce the same cluster assignment structure as they are different portraits of the same object. Thanks to the view-consensus derived from the connection graph, our method could achieve promising performance in learning view-specific representation and eliminating the heterogeneous gaps across different views. Furthermore, with the proposed objective, it could learn almost all parameters including the cluster number from data without labor-intensive parameter selection. Extensive experimental results show the promising performance achieved by our method on five datasets comparing with nine state-of-the-art multi-view clustering approaches.

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