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SWALP : Stochastic Weight Averaging in Low Precision Training

Guandao Yang · Tianyi Zhang · Polina Kirichenko · Junwen Bai · Andrew Wilson · Christopher De Sa

Pacific Ballroom #58

Keywords: [ Optimization ]


Low precision operations can provide scalability, memory savings, portability, and energy efficiency. This paper proposes SWALP, an approach to low precision training that averages low-precision SGD iterates with a modified learning rate schedule. SWALP is easy to implement and can match the performance of full-precision SGD even with all numbers quantized down to 8 bits, including the gradient accumulators. Additionally, we show that SWALP converges arbitrarily close to the optimal solution for quadratic objectives, and to a noise ball asymptotically smaller than low precision SGD in strongly convex settings.

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