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Sat Aug 05 03:45 PM -- 06:00 PM (PDT) @ Parkside 1
Interpretable Machine Learning
Been Kim · Finale Doshi-Velez
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As machine learning systems become ubiquitous, there has been a surge of interest in interpretable machine learning: systems that provide explanation for their outputs. These explanations are often used to qualitatively assess other criteria such as safety or non-discrimination. However, despite the interest in interpretability, there is little consensus on what interpretable machine learning is and how it should be measured. In this talk, we first suggest a definitions of interpretability and describe when interpretability is needed (and when it is not). Then we will review related work, all the way back from classical AI systems to recent efforts for interpretability in deep learning. Finally, we will talk about a taxonomy for rigorous evaluation, and recommendations for researchers. We will end with discussing open questions and concrete problems for new researchers.