Local Information

ICML will be held at the Lille Grand Palais (LGP) conference center.

LGP is ideally located in the center of Lille, close to the train stations, many hotels and restaurants, close to the old city and other touristic areas.


Q: Where can I print my poster ?

There is a printer agency close to the station, we have no affiliation with them but we occasionally use it for our own posters. The website is there. There is two physical desks, the closest one is located 46 rue des Ponts de Comines – 59800 LILLE. Localize it on Google map.


Q: Where to eat Sunday evening ?

Many restaurants are opened on Sunday evening in the “Vieux Lille”. There is a list of possibilities on trip advisor and a list of restaurants opened on sunday there (in French but this is just a list). LGP also proposes a such list in pdf.

Northern-French cooking is mainly based on cheese, beer and French fries. For those willing to try the typical local dishes, here is what we recommend:

  • La carbonnade flamande: Traditional sweet-sour beef and onion stew made with beer and gingerbread.
  • La Flamiche au maroilles: Beware if you are on a diet. This northen pie is made of maroilles, a tasty but (very) smelly cheese.
  • Le Welsh: Belgian/British meal that mixes melted cheddar, Belgian beer, eggs, and ham. The best way to eat it is to dip some French fries inside.
  • Les Moules-Frites: Dish of mussels and fries. Some are cooked with white wine (Moules marinières), other with Maroilles or Cream. Go to Grand Place to find such restaurants.
  • Waffles: Lille’s waffle are filled with sugar, butter and vanilla! This was Charles de Gaulle’s favorite dessert.
  • Le filet américain: Northern version of the steak tartare.


Q: Where to find more information about places to visit in Lille ?

First you should start by reading the local information section of the booklet which was written by PhD students from SequeL. You can find some extra information on the website of office du tourisme de Lille.