Online registration is now close.
If you want to register, you will be able to do it at the venue.
We will do our best to accommodate all such on-site registrations. However, the number of registrations is already so large that we can not guarantee anything any longer to people who would like to register on-site. For sure, the earlier you try to register during ICML, the better.
In any case, it is no longer possible to participate to the banquet for new registrants: New registrants will not be allowed to participate to the banquet.
Registration to workshops only is not an issue. We can still accommodate new registrations.

Registration fees are available below. All fees will be charged in USD, € values are just indications.

Please note:

  • A student has to provide a proof of registration as a student.
  • “Main conference” and “Everything” categories include a ticket for the welcome cocktail (Monday 6th) and the banquet (Thursday 9th).
    Other fees (“Tutorials” and “Workshops”) do not include neither welcome cocktail nor the banquet. Additional Banquet ticket is 100 USD and cocktail one is 35 USD.

After June 15th and on-site registration:

Tutorials (Monday July 6th) Main Conference (7th to 9th) Workshops (10th and 11th) Everything (6th to 11th)
Students $128 / 115 € $480 / 432 € $400 / 360 € $845 / 760 €
Others $128 / 115 € $640 / 576 € $560 / 504 € $1223 / 1100 €

Note that registration is now closed. See comment above. Registration link.