Call for Workshops

The International Conference on Machine Learning solicits proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction with the ICML 2015 conference in Lille, France. The workshops will be held on Friday, July 10 and Saturday, July 11, 2015. These workshops present an excellent opportunity to address a specific machine-learning-related topic of your choice. We are looking for full-day or two-day workshop proposals.

Important Dates

Workshop proposal deadline: Feb 27, 2015, 23:59 UTC
Acceptance notification: March 20, 2015
Workshop submissions due (suggested): May 1st, 2015
Workshop author notification (suggested) May 10, 2015

Content and Format

Workshops are a great format for active research on new topics. The ideal workshop covers a compelling selection of current and upcoming research, and includes an impressive set of speakers and participants with diverse backgrounds. Research talks, discussion via panels, identification of open problems, and discussants are all great components to include.


The format, style, and content of accepted workshops are under the control of the workshop organizers and largely autonomous from the main conference. Each workshop day can be up to seven hours long, split into morning and afternoon sessions. Workshop organizers are expected to manage the workshop content, invite experts in the domain, specify the workshop format, be present to moderate, and maintain a website for the workshop. Workshop registration will be handled centrally by the main conference.

Submission Content

Please provide information on the following points:

  • Workshop title (what is it called?)
  • Topic (what is it about?)
  • Main organizer’s email (who should we get in touch with?)
  • Abstract (can you summarize in a few sentences the workshop to a general audience?)
  • Motivation, impact, and expected outcomes (why this workshop?)
  • Bibliographic references (where can we learn more?)
  • Format (one-day, two-day?)
  • Organizer and co-organizers info and bios (who is making it happen?)
  • Invited speakers (who will come give invited talks?)
  • Funding status (is funding secured for this event?)
  • Tentative schedule (what will be the balance between contributed and invited talks, posters, panel discussions, etc…)
  • Tentative Website URL
  • Workshop history (is this the first edition of the workshop? does it relate to other workshops held recently?)

Detailed descriptions of last year’s workshops can be found at:

Submission Process

Proposals should be submitted either through the following form:

or by email, in an attached pdf document providing answers to the points summarized above, to the address:

Submissions, either through the form or by mail, must be sent before Feb 27, 2015, 23:59 UTC (earlier submissions are encouraged as well).

Submissions will be acknowledged by a return confirmation email.


Proposals will be evaluated by the workshop chair and conference organizers, with an eye towards selecting high-quality workshops on a diverse set of topics that will inform and inspire the community.


Marco Cuturi, workshop chair ICML 2015.