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ICML 2010 - Tutorials

  1. Domain Adaptation,
    Hal Daume & John Blitzer

  2. Geometric Tools for Identifying Structure in Large Social and Information Networks,
    Michael W. Mahoney

  3. Kernel Adaptive Filters,
    José Príncipe & Weifeng Liu

  4. Learning through Exploration,
    Alina Beygelzimer and John Langford

  5. Metric Learning,
    Brian Kulis

  6. Privacy-preserving Data Mining,
    Stan Matwin

  7. Sparse Modeling: Theory, Algorithms and Applications,
    Irina Rish & Genady Grabarnik

  8. Stochastic Optimization for Machine Learning,
    Nathan Srebro and Ambuj Tewari

Call for Tutorials - expired!