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ICML 2010 - Paper submission

Submissions closed!

ICML 2010 Instructions for Authors

Full paper submissions are due on February 1, 2010 at 11:59pm, Samoa time. There is no separate abstract submission. Papers should be submitted electronically via the following submission site:

You can submit a paper (in PDF) and supplementary materials (as a single archive).

For details on the format of the conference, important dates, and the review process, please see the call for papers. For selecting the keywords of your submission, you may also wish to consult the list of Area Chairs with associated Keywords or the list of Keywords with associated Area Chairs.

Submission and Formatting Instructions

Papers are limited to 8 pages and 10MB. Detailed instructions for preparing the paper can be found in the following example paper:

You may also wish to download the following archive, which contains LaTeX style files and a Word template:

Submissions that exceed the page limits or do not conform to the specified format (in particular if a more compressed format is used) will be rejected without review.

Double-Blind Reviewing

Reviewing for ICML-2010 is double-blind, i.e. reviewers will not know your identity. Detailed instructions for how to ensure your anonymity are also contained in the above example paper. In brief, please refer to your prior work in the third person wherever possible. If you need to make an anonymous reference (e.g., if you refer to your own work that is under review elsewhere), please upload this work as supplementary material (see below).
Note that anonymizing your paper is obligatory, and papers that explicitly or implicitly reveal the authors' identities may be rejected.

Supplementary Material

ICML 2010 supports the submission of supplementary material, such as software, videos, or datasets. In particular, if you make anonymous references in the paper, please upload the referenced papers, so that the reviewers can take a quick look. Please also take care not to reveal your identity in the supplementary material.
However, note that submitted papers must be entirely self-contained. Reviewers are encouraged, but not obliged to look at the provided supplementary material because we also do not want to burden reviewers unnecessarily. In particular, you must not use supplementary material for extending the lengh of your paper. If there is material that you believe is critical to the evaluation of your paper, it needs to be included in the paper.
Supplementary material will not be published or archived. If you want to include it in a final version of the paper, you must put it on a Web-site and reference the site in the final version of paper.

Double Submission Policy

ICML will not accept any paper which, at the time of submission, is under review for another conference or has already been published. This policy also applies to papers that overlap substantially in technical content with conference papers under review or previously published. ICML submissions must not be submitted to other conferences during ICML’s review period. Authors may submit to ICML substantially different versions of journal papers that are currently under review by the journal, but not yet accepted at the time of submission. Informal publications, such as technical reports or papers in workshop proceedings which do not appear in print, do not fall under these restrictions.