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ICML 2010 Instructions for Accepted Papers

Camera-ready versions of accepted papers are due on May 9, 2010, which is also the early registration deadline of the conference. More information on registration can be found on the registration page.

Every paper must be presented at the conference by one of its authors in a talk (20 min + 5 min discussion, schedule will follow) and as a poster in one of the two poster sessions (Tuesday and Thursday evening).

Please carefully consider the comments of the reviewers for preparing the final version of your manuscript.

Formatting Instructions

Papers are limited to 8 pages and 10MB. Detailed instructions for preparing the paper can be found in the following example paper:

You may also wish to download the following archive, which contains LaTeX style files and a Word template:

Please ensure that your paper is properly formatted. If it does not satisfy the following requirements, it will not be included. We provide an online tool for superficial format checking. We run this on all papers, so you can save time by running it before you submit your camera ready version.

  1. The paper has a maximum length of 8 pages.
  2. The paper is in US letter format (not A4).
  3. The paper has the correct margins (0.75 inches left, 1 inch right, top and bottom).
  4. All fonts are embedded, and only Type-1 fonts are used.
  5. The correct font sizes are used: 10 point Times for the paper body and 9 point for footnotes/captions.
  6. Captions are placed correctly (below figures and above tables).
  7. The paper does not contain page numbers.
  8. References are complete, including page numbers when appropriate.
  9. The "Preliminary work..." footnote on page 1 has been changed to "Appearing in...".

Be sure to do a test print of your paper, checking page margins and legibility (line thickness, font size, etc.), prior to submission.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The style files that were previously posted for use in submissions had a bug (it printed "26th" instead of "27th"). Please download the new version, linked from this page.

Permission to Publish Form

In order to submit your paper, you must also submit a signed copy of the Permission to Publish Form. Only one author needs to sign this form, but please sign it, scan it, and upload it into CMT as a PDF. If you absolutely cannot scan it and must instead fax it, please fax it to (US) 206-202-7335. If you encounter any difficulties faxing the form, please contact the publications chair.

Submission Instructions

Please submit camera-ready versions of your paper at: with the corresponding link on your submission ("Edit" in the Camera-Ready column). Please do not over-write the original submission. If you have already done so, you need to resubmit the camera-ready version.

Please make sure the meta-data (i.e., author names, author order, title, abstract) of your submission is correct, since it will be used to generate the proceedings. The table of contents will be sorted by what you enter as "last name". If you notice an error in the personal information of an author, only that author can correct the mistake using the "Edit Contact Information" link in the top-right corner.

Supplementary Material

If you submitted supplementary material, note that it will not be published or archived. If you want to include it in a final version of the paper, you must put it on a web-site and reference the site in the final version of paper.