International Conference on Machine Learning June 26–July 1, 2012 — Edinburgh, Scotland

Changes from previous conferences

We are making several changes in the conference schedule from previous years. For the most part, the goal of these is to expand the conference to allow for more papers and workshops, and to encourage interaction between ICML and COLT attendees, as the two conferences are colocated.

The main changes are:

Poster sessions

  • An additional evening poster session will be added to the main conference.
  • There will be three poster sessions, one for each evening of the main conference (Wed 27, Thu, and Fri).


  • The workshops will expand to two days, Sat 30 June and Sun 1 July.
  • The banquet will be held during the workshops, on the evening Sat 30 June.


  • The conference will be co-located with COLT, as it has been in previous years. This year, the conferences will also overlap in time, with COLT starting the day before the ICML tutorials.
  • Wed 27 June, the first day of ICML and the last of COLT, will be a special joint day between the two conferences. Any delegate to either ICML or COLT will be welcome at sessions of both conferences on that day.