International Conference on Machine Learning June 26–July 1, 2012 — Edinburgh, Scotland

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ICML 2012 Survey Results

Comments about co-location with other conferences

Conditioned on questionee being an author

  1. Very strongly - Only COLT or UAI

  2. RSS

  3. Bioinformatics (like ISMB)

  4. Co-locating two conferences that one was planning to attend anyway as major scientific events is not necessarily a good idea as it would mean extremely long trips of 2 weeks time. Adding a smaller event just prior to or at the end of the conference within a week seems fine.

  5. aamas


  7. NIPS

  8. SIAM Conference on Data Mining

  9. ISMB or another medical/bioinformatics conference would also be interesting.

  10. ICANN

  11. AIStats

  12. IEEE ICDL-Epirob

  13. Co-location seems full of potential issues, but I am partial to UAI.

  14. not ECML-PKDD! Why does RSS appear twice?

  15. None.

  16. None.

  17. Co-location does little for me. I'm too burnt out at the end of one conference to want to attend a second. I'd prefer them to be spaced out more.

  18. It'd be nice to have the submission deadline not too close to KDD.

  19. AAMAS

  20. ICML co-locate with application oriented conference is better

  21. is there a difference between RSS and RSS?