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Tue 5:25 Efficient Generative Modelling of Protein Structure Fragments using a Deep Markov Model
Christian Thygesen · Christian Skjødt Steenmans · Ahmad Salim Al-Sibahi · Lys Sanz Moreta · Anders Bundgård Sørensen · Thomas Hamelryck
Tue 5:35 Preferential Temporal Difference Learning
Nishanth Anand · Doina Precup
Tue 6:00 Oops I Took A Gradient: Scalable Sampling for Discrete Distributions
Will Grathwohl · Kevin Swersky · Milad Hashemi · David Duvenaud · Chris Maddison
Tue 6:20 Multiscale Invertible Generative Networks for High-Dimensional Bayesian Inference
Shumao Zhang · Pengchuan Zhang · Thomas Hou
Tue 6:25 GraphDF: A Discrete Flow Model for Molecular Graph Generation
Youzhi Luo · Keqiang Yan · Shuiwang Ji
Tue 6:30 Hierarchical VAEs Know What They Don’t Know
Jakob D. Havtorn · Jes Frellsen · Søren Hauberg · Lars Maaløe
Tue 6:35 Order Matters: Probabilistic Modeling of Node Sequence for Graph Generation
Xiaohui Chen · Xu Han · Jiajing Hu · Francisco R Ruiz · Liping Liu
Tue 6:40 Generative Video Transformer: Can Objects be the Words?
Yi-Fu Wu · Jaesik Yoon · Sungjin Ahn
Tue 6:40 Self Normalizing Flows
T. Anderson Keller · Jorn Peters · Priyank Jaini · Emiel Hoogeboom · Patrick Forré · Max Welling
Tue 6:45 Poisson-Randomised DirBN: Large Mutation is Needed in Dirichlet Belief Networks
Xuhui Fan · Bin Li · Yaqiong Li · Scott SIsson
Tue 7:00 Spectral Smoothing Unveils Phase Transitions in Hierarchical Variational Autoencoders
Adeel Pervez · Efstratios Gavves
Tue 7:20 Riemannian Convex Potential Maps
samuel cohen · Brandon Amos · Yaron Lipman