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Expo Workshop
Sun 17:00 PaddlePaddle-based Deep Learning at Baidu
Dejing Dou · Chenxia Li · Teng Xi · Dingfu Zhou · Tianyi Wu · Xuhong Li · Zhengjie Huang · Guocheng Niu · Ji Liu · Yaqing Wang · Xin Wang · Qianwei Cai
Expo Workshop
Sun 18:30 Interpretable Deep Learning: Interpretation, Interpretability, Trustworthiness, and Beyond
Xuhong Li
Mon 8:00 Part 1: Introduction to Sparsity in Deep Learning
Torsten Hoefler
Mon 8:00 Continual Learning with Deep Architectures
Vincenzo Lomonaco · Irina Rish
Mon 8:00 Sparsity in Deep Learning: Pruning and growth for efficient inference and training
Torsten Hoefler · Dan Alistarh
Affinity Workshop
Mon 10:30 Ceramic Cracks Segmentation with Deep Learning
Gerivan Junior · Janderson Ferreira · Cristian Mill├ín · Ramiro Ruiz · Alberto Junior · Bruno Fernandes
Affinity Workshop
Mon 10:35 Towards Explainable Deep Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Control
Lincoln Schreiber · Gabriel Ramos · Ana Lucia Cetertich Bazzan
Mon 14:15 The Mystery of Generalization: Why Does Deep Learning Work?
Jeffrey Pennington
Affinity Workshop
Mon 15:15 A Tree-Adaptation Mechanism for Covariate and Concept Drift
Felipe Leno da Silva · Renato Vicente
Tue 5:00 Scalable Evaluation of Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning with Melting Pot
Joel Z Leibo · Edgar Duenez-Guzman · Alexander Vezhnevets · John Agapiou · Peter Sunehag · Raphael Koster · Jayd Matyas · Charles Beattie · Igor Mordatch · Thore Graepel
Tue 5:20 Consistent Nonparametric Methods for Network Assisted Covariate Estimation
Xueyu Mao · Deepayan Chakrabarti · Purnamrita Sarkar
Tue 5:20 Reinforcement Learning with Prototypical Representations
Denis Yarats · Rob Fergus · Alessandro Lazaric · Lerrel Pinto