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Tue 7:00 Improving the Gating Mechanism of Recurrent Neural Networks
Albert Gu · Caglar Gulcehre · Thomas Paine · Matthew Hoffman · Razvan Pascanu
Tue 7:00 Learning from Irregularly-Sampled Time Series: A Missing Data Perspective
Steven Cheng-Xian Li · Benjamin M Marlin
Tue 8:00 Scalable Identification of Partially Observed Systems with Certainty-Equivalent EM
Kunal Menda · Jean de Becdelievre · Jayesh K. Gupta · Ilan Kroo · Mykel Kochenderfer · Zachary Manchester
Tue 8:00 Uncertainty-Aware Lookahead Factor Models for Quantitative Investing
Lakshay Chauhan · John Alberg · Zachary Lipton
Tue 9:00 BoXHED: Boosted eXact Hazard Estimator with Dynamic covariates
Xiaochen Wang · Arash Pakbin · Bobak Mortazavi · Hongyu Zhao · Donald Lee
Tue 9:00 CAUSE: Learning Granger Causality from Event Sequences using Attribution Methods
Wei Zhang · Thomas Panum · Somesh Jha · Prasad Chalasani · David Page
Tue 9:00 Adversarial Attacks on Probabilistic Autoregressive Forecasting Models
RaphaĆ«l Dang-Nhu · Gagandeep Singh · Pavol Bielik · Martin Vechev
Tue 10:00 How recurrent networks implement contextual processing in sentiment analysis
Niru Maheswaranathan · David Sussillo
Tue 10:00 Generalizing Convolutional Neural Networks for Equivariance to Lie Groups on Arbitrary Continuous Data
Marc Finzi · Samuel Stanton · Pavel Izmailov · Andrew Wilson
Tue 10:00 Incremental Sampling Without Replacement for Sequence Models
Kensen Shi · David Bieber · Charles Sutton
Tue 12:00 Learning to Simulate Complex Physics with Graph Networks
Alvaro Sanchez-Gonzalez · Jonathan Godwin · Tobias Pfaff · Rex (Zhitao) Ying · Jure Leskovec · Peter Battaglia
Tue 13:00 Temporal Logic Point Processes
Shuang Li · Lu Wang · Ruizhi Zhang · xiaofu Chang · Xuqin Liu · Yao Xie · Yuan Qi · Le Song