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Tue 7:00 Approximation Guarantees of Local Search Algorithms via Localizability of Set Functions
Kaito Fujii
Tue 7:00 Semismooth Newton Algorithm for Efficient Projections onto $\ell_{1, \infty}$-norm Ball
Dejun Chu · Changshui Zhang · Shiliang Sun · Qing Tao
Tue 7:00 Manifold Identification for Ultimately Communication-Efficient Distributed Optimization
Yu-Sheng Li · Wei-Lin Chiang · Ching-pei Lee
Tue 7:00 Uncertainty quantification for nonconvex tensor completion: Confidence intervals, heteroscedasticity and optimality
Changxiao Cai · H. Vincent Poor · Yuxin Chen
Tue 8:00 PoWER-BERT: Accelerating BERT Inference via Progressive Word-vector Elimination
Saurabh Goyal · Anamitra Roy Choudhury · Saurabh Raje · Venkatesan Chakaravarthy · Yogish Sabharwal · Ashish Verma
Tue 9:00 Fast OSCAR and OWL Regression via Safe Screening Rules
Runxue Bao · Bin Gu · Heng Huang
Tue 9:00 Recovery of Sparse Signals from a Mixture of Linear Samples
Soumyabrata Pal · Arya Mazumdar
Tue 12:00 Stochastic Frank-Wolfe for Constrained Finite-Sum Minimization
Geoffrey Negiar · Gideon Dresdner · Alicia Yi-Ting Tsai · Laurent El Ghaoui · Francesco Locatello · Robert Freund · Fabian Pedregosa
Tue 13:00 Implicit differentiation of Lasso-type models for hyperparameter optimization
Quentin Bertrand · Quentin Klopfenstein · Mathieu Blondel · Samuel Vaiter · Alexandre Gramfort · Joseph Salmon
Tue 14:00 Compressive sensing with un-trained neural networks: Gradient descent finds a smooth approximation
Reinhard Heckel · Mahdi Soltanolkotabi
Tue 15:00 Invertible generative models for inverse problems: mitigating representation error and dataset bias
Muhammad Asim · Grady Daniels · Oscar Leong · Ali Ahmed · Paul Hand
Tue 19:00 DessiLBI: Exploring Structural Sparsity of Deep Networks via Differential Inclusion Paths
Yanwei Fu · Chen Liu · Donghao Li · Xinwei Sun · Jinshan ZENG · Yuan Yao