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Expo Talk Panel
Sun 6:30 Federated Reinforcement Learning for Financial Portfolio Optimization Using the IBM Federated Learning (IFL) Platform
Mary Ellen Perry
Mon 5:00 Causal Reinforcement Learning
Elias Bareinboim
Affinity Workshop
Mon 5:15 Using knowledge from multiple sources to accelerate reinforcement learning
Anna Reali
Affinity Workshop
Mon 7:55 Feedback Controller for 3D Dynamic Walking using Reinforcement Learning and Hybrid Zero Dynamics
Guillermo Castillo Martinez
Mon 8:00 Model-Based Methods in Reinforcement Learning
Igor Mordatch · Jessica Hamrick
Affinity Workshop
Mon 11:00 Invited Talk: Doina Precup on Building Knowledge for AI Agents with Reinforcement Learning
Doina Precup
Tue 7:00 Evaluating the Performance of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
Scott Jordan · Yash Chandak · Daniel Cohen · Mengxue Zhang · Philip Thomas
Tue 7:00 Provably Efficient Exploration in Policy Optimization
Qi Cai · Zhuoran Yang · Chi Jin · Zhaoran Wang
Tue 7:00 Private Reinforcement Learning with PAC and Regret Guarantees
Giuseppe Vietri · Borja de Balle Pigem · Akshay Krishnamurthy · Steven Wu
Tue 7:00 Taylor Expansion Policy Optimization
Yunhao Tang · Michal Valko · Remi Munos
Tue 7:00 Dynamic Knapsack Optimization Towards Efficient Multi-Channel Sequential Advertising
Xiaotian Hao · Zhaoqing Peng · Yi Ma · Guan Wang · Junqi Jin · Jianye Hao · Shan Chen · Rongquan Bai · Mingzhou Xie · Miao Xu · Zhenzhe Zheng · Chuan Yu · HAN LI · Jian Xu · Kun Gai
Tue 7:00 What Can Learned Intrinsic Rewards Capture?
Zeyu Zheng · Junhyuk Oh · Matteo Hessel · Zhongwen Xu · Manuel Kroiss · Hado van Hasselt · David Silver · Satinder Singh