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Tue 7:00 Two Routes to Scalable Credit Assignment without Weight Symmetry
Daniel Kunin · Aran Nayebi · Javier Sagastuy-Brena · Surya Ganguli · Jonathan Bloom · Daniel Yamins
Tue 8:00 Associative Memory in Iterated Overparameterized Sigmoid Autoencoders
Yibo Jiang · Cengiz Pehlevan
Tue 8:00 Neural Clustering Processes
Ari Pakman · Yueqi Wang · Catalin Mitelut · JinHyung Lee · Department of Statistics Liam Paninski
Tue 9:00 Closed Loop Neural-Symbolic Learning via Integrating Neural Perception, Grammar Parsing, and Symbolic Reasoning
Qing Li · Siyuan Huang · Yining Hong · Yixin Chen · Ying Nian Wu · Song-Chun Zhu
Tue 9:00 BoXHED: Boosted eXact Hazard Estimator with Dynamic covariates
Xiaochen Wang · Arash Pakbin · Bobak Mortazavi · Hongyu Zhao · Donald Lee
Tue 10:00 Revisiting Spatial Invariance with Low-Rank Local Connectivity
Gamaleldin Elsayed · Prajit Ramachandran · Jon Shlens · Simon Kornblith
Tue 12:00 SimGANs: Simulator-Based Generative Adversarial Networks for ECG Synthesis to Improve Deep ECG Classification
Tomer Golany · Kira Radinsky · Daniel Freedman
Tue 12:00 Entropy Minimization In Emergent Languages
Eugene Kharitonov · Rahma Chaabouni · Diane Bouchacourt · Marco Baroni
Tue 14:00 Continuously Indexed Domain Adaptation
Hao Wang · Hao He · Dina Katabi
Wed 5:00 Abstraction Mechanisms Predict Generalization in Deep Neural Networks
Alex Gain · Hava Siegelmann
Wed 5:00 TrajectoryNet: A Dynamic Optimal Transport Network for Modeling Cellular Dynamics
Alexander Tong · Jessie Huang · Guy Wolf · David van Dijk · Smita Krishnaswamy
Wed 5:00 Efficient Non-conjugate Gaussian Process Factor Models for Spike Count Data using Polynomial Approximations
Stephen Keeley · David Zoltowski · Yiyi Yu · Spencer Smith · Jonathan Pillow