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Tue 7:00 The Buckley-Osthus model and the block preferential attachment model: statistical analysis and application
Wenpin Tang · Xin Guo · Fengmin Tang
Tue 7:00 Normalized Flat Minima: Exploring Scale Invariant Definition of Flat Minima for Neural Networks Using PAC-Bayesian Analysis
Yusuke Tsuzuku · Issei Sato · Masashi Sugiyama
Tue 9:00 Bayesian Graph Neural Networks with Adaptive Connection Sampling
Arman Hasanzadeh · Ehsan Hajiramezanali · Shahin Boluki · Mingyuan Zhou · Nick Duffield · Krishna Narayanan · Xiaoning Qian
Tue 9:00 Low-loss connection of weight vectors: distribution-based approaches
Ivan Anokhin · Dmitry Yarotsky
Tue 9:00 Scalable Deep Generative Modeling for Sparse Graphs
Hanjun Dai · Azade Nazi · Yujia Li · Bo Dai · Dale Schuurmans
Tue 10:00 How recurrent networks implement contextual processing in sentiment analysis
Niru Maheswaranathan · David Sussillo
Tue 10:00 On the Theoretical Properties of the Network Jackknife
Qiaohui Lin · Robert Lunde · Purnamrita Sarkar
Tue 10:00 Robust One-Bit Recovery via ReLU Generative Networks: Near-Optimal Statistical Rate and Global Landscape Analysis
Shuang Qiu · Xiaohan Wei · Zhuoran Yang
Tue 11:00 Kernel Methods for Cooperative Multi-Agent Contextual Bandits
Abhimanyu Dubey · Alex `Sandy' Pentland
Tue 13:00 Constant Curvature Graph Convolutional Networks
Gregor Bachmann · Gary Becigneul · Octavian Ganea
Wed 5:00 Learning Opinions in Social Networks
Vincent Conitzer · Debmalya Panigrahi · Hanrui Zhang
Wed 5:00 Learning Structured Latent Factors from Dependent Data:A Generative Model Framework from Information-Theoretic Perspective
Ruixiang ZHANG · Masanori Koyama · Katsuhiko Ishiguro