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Tue 7:00 Tensor denoising and completion based on ordinal observations
Chanwoo Lee · Miaoyan Wang
Tue 7:00 Uncertainty quantification for nonconvex tensor completion: Confidence intervals, heteroscedasticity and optimality
Changxiao Cai · H. Vincent Poor · Yuxin Chen
Tue 9:00 Multiresolution Tensor Learning for Efficient and Interpretable Spatial Analysis
Jung Yeon Park · Kenneth Carr · Stephan Zheng · Yisong Yue · Rose Yu
Tue 9:00 Streaming Coresets for Symmetric Tensor Factorization
Supratim Shit · Rachit Chhaya · Jayesh Choudhari · Anirban Dasgupta
Tue 9:00 Nearly Linear Row Sampling Algorithm for Quantile Regression
Yi Li · Ruosong Wang · Lin Yang · Hanrui Zhang
Tue 11:00 LowFER: Low-rank Bilinear Pooling for Link Prediction
Saadullah Amin · Stalin Varanasi · Katherine Ann Dunfield · G√ľnter Neumann
Tue 12:00 Partial Trace Regression and Low-Rank Kraus Decomposition
Hachem Kadri · Stephane Ayache · Riikka Huusari · alain rakotomamonjy · Ralaivola Liva
Tue 13:00 Inexact Tensor Methods with Dynamic Accuracies
Nikita Doikov · Yurii Nesterov
Tue 13:00 Latent Space Factorisation and Manipulation via Matrix Subspace Projection
Xiao Li · Chenghua Lin · Ruizhe Li · Chaozheng Wang · Frank Guerin
Tue 13:00 Inertial Block Proximal Methods for Non-Convex Non-Smooth Optimization
Hien Le · Nicolas Gillis · Panagiotis Patrinos
Tue 14:00 Near Input Sparsity Time Kernel Embeddings via Adaptive Sampling
David Woodruff · Amir Zandieh
Tue 14:00 Random Matrix Theory Proves that Deep Learning Representations of GAN-data Behave as Gaussian Mixtures
Mohamed El Amine Seddik · Cosme Louart · Mohamed Tamaazousti · Romain COUILLET