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Mon 1:00 Representation Learning Without Labels
S. M. Ali Eslami · Irina Higgins · Danilo J. Rezende
Mon 8:00 Model-Based Methods in Reinforcement Learning
Igor Mordatch · Jessica Hamrick
Affinity Workshop
Mon 8:40 DeepMind: DeepMind at WiML Un-workshop
Meire Fortunato
Affinity Workshop
Mon 11:00 Invited Talk: Doina Precup on Building Knowledge for AI Agents with Reinforcement Learning
Doina Precup
Affinity Workshop
Mon 12:35 Mentoring Panel: Doina Precup, Deborah Raji, Anima Anandkumar, Angjoo Kanazawa and Sinead Williamson (moderator).
Doina Precup · Inioluwa Raji · Angjoo Kanazawa · Sinead A Williamson · Animashree Anandkumar
Tue 7:00 Maximum-and-Concatenation Networks
Xingyu Xie · Hao Kong · Jianlong Wu · Wayne Zhang · Guangcan Liu · Zhouchen Lin
Tue 7:00 Improving the Gating Mechanism of Recurrent Neural Networks
Albert Gu · Caglar Gulcehre · Thomas Paine · Matthew Hoffman · Razvan Pascanu
Tue 7:00 Reverse-engineering deep ReLU networks
David Rolnick · Konrad Kording
Tue 7:00 What Can Learned Intrinsic Rewards Capture?
Zeyu Zheng · Junhyuk Oh · Matteo Hessel · Zhongwen Xu · Manuel Kroiss · Hado van Hasselt · David Silver · Satinder Singh
Tue 7:00 Taylor Expansion Policy Optimization
Yunhao Tang · Michal Valko · Remi Munos
Tue 7:00 On the Noisy Gradient Descent that Generalizes as SGD
Jingfeng Wu · Wenqing Hu · Haoyi Xiong · Jun Huan · Vladimir Braverman · Zhanxing Zhu
Tue 7:00 On Second-Order Group Influence Functions for Black-Box Predictions
Samyadeep Basu · Xuchen You · Soheil Feizi