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Tue 7:00 Adversarial Learning Guarantees for Linear Hypotheses and Neural Networks
Pranjal Awasthi · Natalie Frank · Mehryar Mohri
Tue 7:00 FedBoost: A Communication-Efficient Algorithm for Federated Learning
Jenny Hamer · Mehryar Mohri · Ananda Theertha Suresh
Tue 7:00 Loss Function Search for Face Recognition
Xiaobo Wang · Shuo Wang · Cheng Chi · Shifeng Zhang · Tao Mei
Tue 7:00 All in the Exponential Family: Bregman Duality in Thermodynamic Variational Inference
Rob Brekelmans · Vaden Masrani · Frank Wood · Greg Ver Steeg · Aram Galstyan
Tue 9:00 A Markov Decision Process Model for Socio-Economic Systems Impacted by Climate Change
Salman Sadiq Shuvo · Yasin Yilmaz · Alan Bush · Mark Hafen
Tue 10:00 Global Concavity and Optimization in a Class of Dynamic Discrete Choice Models
Yiding Feng · Ekaterina Khmelnitskaya · Denis Nekipelov
Tue 10:00 SCAFFOLD: Stochastic Controlled Averaging for Federated Learning
Sai Praneeth Reddy Karimireddy · Satyen Kale · Mehryar Mohri · Sashank Jakkam Reddi · Sebastian Stich · Ananda Theertha Suresh
Tue 11:00 Learning Deep Kernels for Non-Parametric Two-Sample Tests
Feng Liu · Wenkai Xu · Jie Lu · Guangquan Zhang · Arthur Gretton · D.J. Sutherland
Tue 18:00 On the Relation between Quality-Diversity Evaluation and Distribution-Fitting Goal in Text Generation
Jianing Li · Yanyan Lan · Jiafeng Guo · Xueqi Cheng
Wed 5:00 Fair k-Centers via Maximum Matching
Matthew Jones · Huy Nguyen · Thy Nguyen
Wed 5:00 Measuring Non-Expert Comprehension of Machine Learning Fairness Metrics
Debjani Saha · Candice Schumann · Duncan McElfresh · John P Dickerson · Michelle Mazurek · Michael Tschantz
Wed 5:00 Robust and Stable Black Box Explanations
Hima Lakkaraju · Nino Arsov · Osbert Bastani