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Tue 7:00 Streaming Submodular Maximization under a k-Set System Constraint
Ran Haba · Ehsan Kazemi · Moran Feldman · Amin Karbasi
Tue 7:00 Dynamic Knapsack Optimization Towards Efficient Multi-Channel Sequential Advertising
Xiaotian Hao · Zhaoqing Peng · Yi Ma · Guan Wang · Junqi Jin · Jianye Hao · Shan Chen · Rongquan Bai · Mingzhou Xie · Miao Xu · Zhenzhe Zheng · Chuan Yu · HAN LI · Jian Xu · Kun Gai
Tue 7:00 Layered Sampling for Robust Optimization Problems
Hu Ding · Zixiu Wang
Tue 7:00 Streaming k-Submodular Maximization under Noise subject to Size Constraint
Lan N. Nguyen · My T. Thai
Tue 7:00 Approximation Guarantees of Local Search Algorithms via Localizability of Set Functions
Kaito Fujii
Tue 7:00 Fast and Private Submodular and $k$-Submodular Functions Maximization with Matroid Constraints
Akbar Rafiey · Yuichi Yoshida
Tue 7:00 Optimizing Long-term Social Welfare in Recommender Systems: A Constrained Matching Approach
Martin Mladenov · Elliot Creager · Omer Ben-Porat · Kevin Swersky · Richard Zemel · Craig Boutilier
Tue 7:00 Customizing ML Predictions for Online Algorithms
Keerti Anand · Rong Ge · Debmalya Panigrahi
Tue 7:00 Individual Fairness for k-Clustering
Sepideh Mahabadi · Ali Vakilian
Tue 8:00 On the Unreasonable Effectiveness of the Greedy Algorithm: Greedy Adapts to Sharpness
Sebastian Pokutta · Mohit Singh · Alfredo Torrico
Tue 8:00 Near-optimal sample complexity bounds for learning Latent $k-$polytopes and applications to Ad-Mixtures
Chiranjib Bhattacharyya · Ravindran Kannan
Tue 10:00 Incremental Sampling Without Replacement for Sequence Models
Kensen Shi · David Bieber · Charles Sutton