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Thu 7:00 On hyperparameter tuning in general clustering problemsm
Xinjie Fan · Yuguang Yue · Purnamrita Sarkar · Y. X. Rachel Wang
Tue 7:00 Laplacian Regularized Few-Shot Learning
Imtiaz Ziko · Jose Dolz · Eric Granger · Ismail Ben Ayed
Wed 12:00 k-means++: few more steps yield constant approximation
Davin Choo · Christoph Grunau · Julian Portmann · Vaclav Rozhon
Affinity Workshop
Mon 10:00 Deep Clustering Self-Organizing Maps with Relevance Learning
Heitor Medeiros
Wed 8:00 Sets Clustering
Ibrahim Jubran · Murad Tukan · Alaa Maalouf · Dan Feldman
Thu 7:00 A Nearly-Linear Time Algorithm for Exact Community Recovery in Stochastic Block Model
Peng Wang · Zirui Zhou · Anthony Man-Cho So
Wed 10:00 How to Solve Fair k-Center in Massive Data Models
Ashish Chiplunkar · Sagar Kale · Sivaramakrishnan Natarajan Ramamoorthy
Wed 5:00 Fair k-Centers via Maximum Matching
Matthew Jones · Huy Nguyen · Thy Nguyen
Fri 3:00 Invited Talk 3: Grégoire Montavon - XAI Beyond Classifiers: Explaining Anomalies, Clustering, and More
Wojciech Samek
Thu 6:00 p-Norm Flow Diffusion for Local Graph Clustering
Kimon Fountoulakis · Di Wang · Shenghao Yang
Thu 6:00 A Pairwise Fair and Community-preserving Approach to k-Center Clustering
Brian Brubach · Darshan Chakrabarti · John P Dickerson · Samir Khuller · Aravind Srinivasan · Leonidas Tsepenekas
Tue 7:00 Layered Sampling for Robust Optimization Problems
Hu Ding · Zixiu Wang