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Tue 9:00 A Markov Decision Process Model for Socio-Economic Systems Impacted by Climate Change
Salman Sadiq Shuvo · Yasin Yilmaz · Alan Bush · Mark Hafen
Thu 12:00 PowerNorm: Rethinking Batch Normalization in Transformers
Sheng Shen · Zhewei Yao · Amir Gholaminejad · Michael Mahoney · Kurt Keutzer
Tue 9:00 BoXHED: Boosted eXact Hazard Estimator with Dynamic covariates
Xiaochen Wang · Arash Pakbin · Bobak Mortazavi · Hongyu Zhao · Donald Lee
Fri 2:50 Novel Applications: Embedding a random graph via GNN: Extended mean-field inference theory and RL applications to NP-Hard multi-robot/machine scheduling
Hyunwook Kang
Fri 6:45 COVID-19 Applications: Navigating the Dynamics of Financial Embeddings over Time
Antonia Gogoglou
Fri 7:05 COVID-19 Applications: Gaining insight into SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 severity using self-supervised edge features and Graph Neural Networks
Arijit Sehanobish
Affinity Workshop
Mon 10:30 Application of Bayesian Techniques to Multi-omic Longitudinal Data
Daniel Ruiz-Perez
Wed 5:00 Accelerating Large-Scale Inference with Anisotropic Vector Quantization
Ruiqi Guo · Philip Sun · Erik Lindgren · Quan Geng · David Simcha · Felix Chern · Sanjiv Kumar
Thu 8:00 Few-shot Relation Extraction via Bayesian Meta-learning on Relation Graphs
Meng Qu · Tianyu Gao · Louis-Pascal Xhonneux · Jian Tang
Wed 8:00 Divide and Conquer: Leveraging Intermediate Feature Representations for Quantized Training of Neural Networks
Ahmed T. Elthakeb · Prannoy Pilligundla · FatemehSadat Mireshghallah · Alexander Cloninger · Hadi Esmaeilzadeh
Tue 11:00 Explainable and Discourse Topic-aware Neural Language Understanding
Yatin Chaudhary · Hinrich Schuetze · Pankaj Gupta
Wed 9:00 Learning for Dose Allocation in Adaptive Clinical Trials with Safety Constraints
Cong Shen · Zhiyang Wang · Sofia Villar · Mihaela van der Schaar