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How To Topia

here are some useful tips for navigating Topia. An instructional video is below as well.

Moving Around Topia

TopiaTopia is an avatar-based spatial platform with proximity video chat. As you walk near other avatars, their video will appear. You can choose to interact or keep exploring. Any objects that are clickable or have an interaction will display a pointing finger icon when you hover over them.


Zoom In and Out

Use CTRL + to zoom in (CMD + on a mac)
Use CTRL - to zoom out (CMD - on a mac)

About The Left Icons

On the left side of your screen you will see 5 icons. Here are their functions:

  Settings - Controls your audio and video settings. You can also share your screen in this section.
  Directory/Worlds - This contains a full list of worlds you can visit/explore for this conference. 
  Events - This displays all events, both in this booth and in other linked worlds. Once you click on one, your avatar will automatically walk or teleport to that event. 
  Share - You can share a world link with other people. Only registered attendees will be able to visit the world.
  Message - This allows you to read any messages that have been sent to you.  To send someone a message, look for the message icon in their video box. This will allow you to privately message people.

How To Use Topia: Video Demo