Do you expect authors to submit data?

We understand that many of our authors work with highly sensitive datasets, and are not asking for private data submission. If the primary topic of a paper is to introduce a new dataset to a community, then we highly recommend providing it as per guidelines in author instructions (repeated below this paragraph). If the dataset used is publicly available, there is no need to provide it. If the dataset is private, then the authors can submit a toy or simulated dataset to illustrate how the code works.

If the primary topic of the manuscript is to introduce a new dataset as a community resource, we highly recommend that such datasets must be deposited in a data repository that:

  1. Ensures long term preservation of the data.
  2. Provides a persistent identifier such as Digital Object Identifier or Compact Identifier.
  3. Adheres to or DCAT metadata standards.

If--due to the special nature of the data--it cannot be deposited in such repository the justification should be included in the manuscript. For all other datasets we recommend using or since they facilitate preserving the anonymity of authors during the peer review process. Such datasets should be linked to in the manuscript. In addition the license and/or any access restrictions of the dataset must be described in the manuscript. We strongly encourage using CC0 license whenever possible to maximize the ease of reuse of the shared data.